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Storage Water Tanks > Water Tanks > Water Tanks - Small  > Water Tank 750 Litres Black

Water Tank 750 Litres Black Water Tank 750 Litres Black  Ref: ECO750V1BLACK-

The robust baffled 750 ltr rain water tank is perfect for storing large amounts of water in and is perfect for a car valeter or window cleaner who needs a large supply of water on hand. Easy to store in your van or vehicle the professional car valeter or window cleaner will need to look no further for water.

Water Tank Dimensions
Height 1100mm
Length 1250mm
Width 600mm
Capacity 750 Litres
Outlet 1½" BSP
Inlet 8" Screwdown Lid
Weight empty 50 Kgs

Saving Your Rainwater
Saving your rainwater is a simple and easy method that can really save you money on your water bills. Rainwater falls free from the sky so why not store it in a water tank. Then you can use your saved water for many of your home and garden applications. With the right filteration you can use saved rainwater for home appliances such as the bathroom toilet, washing machine, dishwasher etc.

Water Tank
Ecosure manufacture a wide range of water tanks which are made here in the Uk. They are rotationally molded here on site and made with extra strength and durability so that they are easy to move around to where you want to position them and they are designed to hold large litres of water. Depending on what style water tank you have they all come with a screw down lid and an oulet. We provide different size outlets and lids for different water tanks.

How To Order
There are two ways to order your water tank and this is online through our online shop or over the phone with one of our friendly sales team. Once your tank is ordered we will do our very best in getting your goods shipped to you as quick as we can.


Price:   £234.51£281.41  (Including: VAT at 20%)

Storage Water Tanks > Water Tanks > Water Tanks - Small  > Water Tank 750 Litres Black

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